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Coastal Wealth Inc. is an independent financial planning and investment

management firm focused on three core concepts: Protect, Preserve, and Enhance.


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Our lives are ever changing and inevitably unpredictable. One minute we are sitting on a beach and the next we are coping with tragedy. Not being financially prepared for life's most difficult situations can have a dramatic impact on your personal wealth. At CWI we help our clients PROTECT their wealth from life's biggest challenges.

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People spend most of their lives working to accumulate wealth and plan for retirement. Upon retirement, the roles reverse and the accumulated wealth needs to start working for you. At CWI, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to develop a plan to PRESERVE the wealth our hard-working clients have created.

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Lifestyle changes and inflation can be difficult to plan for while preparing for retirement. Simply preserving your assets during retirement may not be enough. At CWI, we help our clients develop strategies to ENHANCE the wealth they have created over their lifetime.