Our Commitment

Building long-term relationships is our priority at Coastal Wealth Inc. We start the journey by taking the time to listen to and understand each of our clients personally. Together, we carefully chart a course to pursue financial success, using prudent investment strategies. For more than 30 years, our clients have looked to us for financial direction. We are dedicated to guiding and sustaining that mission. Here are just a few of our client commitment standards:

  • Knowing the clients needs, goals and changing situation
  • Maintaining confidentiality—keeping all information pertaining to the client’s finances private  
  • Frequently communicating with our clients through monthly and quarterly reports, as well as through meetings 
  • Determining the investment objectives—developing a mutual understanding as to the client’s risk tolerance and anticipated returns
  • Full disclosure of the total costs related to the financial engagement
  • A commitment to always place the clients' financial interests ahead of our own
  • Active collaboration with those who work for your benefit, including tax, legal, and insurance professionals